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Ebonite Shaving Brushes

Ebonite Shaving Brushes

Ebonite Shaving Brushes are a relatively new. The first time it was used was likely in 2015 by the Paladin Brush Manufacturer and shortly after that by some other bespoke artisan brush makers. Though the material itself was first created back in the 1850's by Nelson Goodyear its initial common uses were for fountain pens, woodwind mouthpieces, tobacco pipes & hockey pucks!

Ebonite is a mix of rubber, sulfur & linseed oil and is made into rods suitable for producing brush handles in Germany. The Ebonite goes through a long vulcanising process that makes it hard, durable and highly resistant to wear. It is similar to wood to turn but requires more precise tooling and more time. With time and expertise it can also be polished to a high degree.

Ebonite has some unique & exceptional properties: 
It is resistant to: saltwater, acid & soap. It is non-conductive with high stability and low density. It has high glidability combined with excellent polishing, stunning optics and haptics. Being a dense rubber compound it is also more forgiving if dropped than resin/acrylic handles.

It is recommended to keep them out of direct sunlight (your bathroom) and to avoid exposure to excessive heat for long periods.

Ebonite Shaving Brush Range (new stock coming soon)