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How long do Shaving Brushes Last?

How long do Shaving Brushes Last?

10+ years is a conservative estimate but there are factors to consider. Some people collect vintage/antique shaving brushes that are still usable today. The main factor being how much use they had in their lifetime.

1. Materials Used

Handle: A quality brush can be made of wood, metal or resin, or sometimes a mix. These materials on their own can last a lifetime or longer.
The Knot: This can be a natural hair, like Badger, Boar or Horse Hair. Depending on its use and how well it gets looked after (drying & storing) these materials can also last a very long time. The hair does wear out with use so this is likely the main reason for replacing your shaving brush.
The knot can also be made from Synthetic fibres, these are easier to maintain and as such have an even longer lifespan than Natural Hair.

2. The Construction:

A key point. How well was the shaving brush made initially? The knot is glued into the handle, this glue can deteriorate overtime but it is easy to re-glue or replace the knot if this happens. If the handle is made from more than one material this may also present a point at which it can break if dropped or mistreated.

So what else can end a shaving brushes life?

Dropping it and breaking the handle is the number one culprit. Leaving it soaking in extremely hot water is not recommended as this can damage the bond of the glue holding the knot in. Other than that you are likely to get a long long lifespan from your shaving brush. 

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