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Learning about Safety Razors

Learning about Safety Razors

It's a Razor!!!

yaqi safety razor

The right tool for the job. It's a Razor for shaving your face, head, body etc. Just like the one you are probably using now, except it has a few fundamental differences;

The razor blade is the only part that you have to change. Not the complete plastic head of the Razor. This has many environmental benefits.

Replacement blades are high in quality and cheap on price. One sharp blade is better for your skin than the 2 or 3 bladed cartridges.

    yaqi shaving

    If a jobs worth doing, it's worth doing properly.

    The Safety Razor Handle is usually a heavy zinc alloy. Using the correct technique, the weight of the Safety Razor does the shaving for you. You do not have to apply pressure when using a Safety Razor This makes the whole experience a lot kinder on your skin.

    yaqi safety razor

    This Safety Razor is called a "3 piece" The total weight is commonly approx 100g

    Replacing the Blades is easy, but for those who have never done it before it can appear to be a little scary as you have to handle the blade. Just common sense and patience is all you need. 

        yaqi how to

        The shave itself is what most people become addicted to. It's good, very good and no matter how inexperienced you are, you will quickly adapt to it and find your own technique. With a little searching online you will also find many people sharing their techniques so you can try them as well.