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Lockdowns & Wet Shaving

Lockdowns & Wet Shaving

The current global trend of "lockdowns" as well as the other restrictions on movement and social gatherings has created a lot of stress for a lot of people. The feeling is amplified as a man as you are likely the one feeling the responsibility of navigating your family safely through this period. Another side affect is that of boredom, likely to be amplified for those who have to endure strict lockdowns or even quarantine.

So what has wet shaving got to do with all this?

Traditional wet shaving is a routine, a discipline. It is a moment that calls for you to be present and relaxed. These simple disciplines become all the more important in times like these.

Being grounded is not some hippy expression, it's a real feeling of being present and aware of where you are and what you are doing. This is important because in this state of mind you relieve stress and negate boredom. When your mind is only focused on the very thing you are doing then it cannot wander into the past or dream about the future. Revisiting the past & trying to predict or manipulate the future is where stress resides.

A mind that is present is free of stress and incapable of being bored. Boredom, like stress, only exists when the mind wanders from the present into the future or past. 

So back to Wet Shaving, your wet shaving routine is an exercise for your mind. Being present & grounded while shaving trains your mind to be strong and capable of being focussed on what you are doing. This discipline will be beneficial to you and your family as it gives you the space to re-focus, de-stress and develop a stronger mind.

This concept is even more relevant for those who shave with a straight razor. Concentration, focus and being very aware of what you are doing are key elements to a good straight razor shave because the penalties are real.

Keep Safe, keep up your routines & happy shaves.