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The Wet Shaving Savings Myth.

The Wet Shaving Savings Myth.

You'll SAVE heaps!!

It's been a claim of those who made the switch to wet shaving for a long time and I'm here to give you cold hard evidence that this is NOT the case.

Firstly lets explain what Safety Razor/Straight Razor shaving is exactly. (otherwise known as wet shaving)

Essentially its using disposable razor blades, single sided or double sided, instead of razor blades wrapped in a colourful plastic disposable head. The latter being the method in which big brand shaving companies invest their dollars into marketing.

So most of us chaps were introduced to shaving this way, through the marketing of big companies, 1 blade, 2 blade, 3 blade etc and all the extra technology they could market. Numbingly subscribing to the high cost of the plastic heads and cursing our way through a life of shaving.

This style of shaving has a pretty easy set of fixed costs. The Handle & the replaceable heads + some shaving foam. Add those costs up per year and you have a number around $350/year.

Do the same calculation on DE Safety Razors/Straight Razor Shaving and you get a number like $50 - $175/year.

So the numbers say you can save a LOT of money in a lifetime of shaving.


Here is what they are NOT telling you.

Wet Shaving is heavenly good, shaving becomes a pleasure not a chore. You become an artisan of your own facial pleasures. The whole thing slowly becomes a joy and you start to immerse yourself in it's never ending pleasures and a den full of goodies; 

Safety Razors

So many beautiful types, different shapes, different angles, different colours, they have a weight, like a tool, they are balanced in a certain way, they have history. I dare you to stop at one. Every man likes to have the right tool for the job.

Shaving Brushes

The first time you use a quality brush on your face with a good thick lather you will stop, put everything down and take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror and inwardly contemplate why....why had no one shown me this before?

Shaving Brushes have character, they kiss your face, slap you awake or tease your bristles to attention. Their colours, shapes, sizes, synthetics, badger hair, where to start, where to stop?

Shaving Cream

Hahahahahah, you thought that would be easy? Welcome to a whole new world of fragrances that you didn't know existed, layer upon subtle layer of natural fragrances and hints and whiffs of far away places. You will never ever ever just own one.

Shaving Blades

Yes they are cheap, such mush cheaper than the alternatives.
You can probably find one brand you really really like and stick with them. BUT when you buy that new razor you'll want to experiment with those blades again, which is the best match. Which is the best for shaving everyday, which one is good for my head, my face, my wives legs? 

Attention to Detail

When you wet shave you pay attention to detail, you take your time, you enjoy the experience, the feeling, the smells, the pleasure of tipping your hat to tradition.

"If a jobs worth doing, it's worth doing properly" 

So let's start adding up the real cost of wet shaving shall we? 
No way, my wife will kill me...

But this is the real difference.
When you wet shave you are not wasting money, you have a hobby, a pleasure in looking after yourself properly, a good feeling that carries you through the day. These simple pleasures resonate through your life and become part of you. That's why you should give it a go, not for the savings....