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Silvertip Badger Hair Shaving Brushes

The Silvertip is the pinnacle of shaving brushes.
It has a wonderful softness, beautiful structure, natural oils and exceptional water retention.
A superior long hair selection of 100% finest Silvertip hair, traditionally formed, tied, pruned, glued & trimmed. Super silky smooth feel, natural soft tips with the artistry of the less rigid knot. Face painters unite, your ultimate face painting tool.

NOTE: 2021 Prices have increased dramatically for Silvertip stock. Some brush prices remain steady due to stock on hand, however new prices for knots have increased to reflect these raw stock price increases.


Product type
Knot Diameter
On the Skin
Shaving Brush Knot
Best For Shaving
Brush Handle Material
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Yaqi Bali Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush

1 review
$49.00 USD