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Which Safety Razor is best for me?

If you are considering your first Safety Razor purchase then you are in the right spot.
For first timers we recommend any of the safety razors listed below. 

Because they all offer you a shave that isn't overly aggressive. This is important as it will not take you long to develop your technique and you will be able to safely shave without fear of nicking yourself.

You will see that the Safety Razors below all have 1 of 2 types of razor head. One looks like a comb, this is called the Mellon head and it is the mildest of all the heads. Great for young men with lighter stubble, also great for body shaving.
The other head is the SC head, this is considered intermediate and for most men this is a great starting head. It will cope with thicker stubble well and provide a nice close shave.

Should you already be using a safety razor and are looking for something more aggressive you'll find that range here

Here are some great Razors for those of you new to wet shaving.


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Yaqi Classic Safety Razor White
$14.95 AUD $29.95 AUD
Save 19%
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Yaqi Silverfox Stainless Steel Safety Razor

2 reviews
$159.95 AUD
Save 14%
Save 21%