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Alum Block Benefits

Our high quality aftershaves will help you:

  • Let your skin recover after shaving: astringents contained in a good aftershave calm irritation, stop bleeding and close pores
  • Prevent irritation: itching, swelling and ingrown hairs can result from shaving without the use of a good aftershave
  • Accelerate healing: disinfect nicks and cuts to make the healing process faster
  • Enjoy soft, smooth skin: aftershave forms a protective barrier that helps your skin to retain moisture
  • Smell amazing: our range of scents has something for everyone

Our alum blocks are:

  • Great at reducing irritation: astringent properties stop bleeding, reduce redness, kill bacteria and close pores
  • Easy to use: simply wet the block and your face, then gently rub the alum on the irritated area
  • Sustainable and economical: alum is a naturally occurring mineral, and one block can last up to 2 years when dried and stored correctly