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Feather Styling Razor Silver

$52.50 USD

Because Feather Styling has established the bar for producing the sharpest and safest razor cutting blades in the business, their performance outperforms any competitor blade now available on the market. The Feather blade's cutting edge is created to give you the cutting control you need to be imaginative. When cutting, there is no chattering or movement of the blade because it is tightly seated in the handle. Although the blade itself is sharp, the innovative blade guard makes it safe for you and your client, ensuring that you won't cut yourself with this blade. Hair cannot snag between the guard and blade as a result of the design.


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    Our high quality shavette razors will help you:
    • Forget about tricky razor maintenance: by simply replacing the blade, you’ll achieve a fresh shave every time without the need for stropping or honing
    • Accurately create any shape: the light handle allows for maximum control, to create the perfect style easily
    • Enjoy a super close shave: achieve the closeness of a straight razor with the convenience of a safety razor
    • Look after your skin: a single blade creates less drag on the skin, reducing ingrown hairs and irritation
    • Save time: shavettes don’t take long to use once you’ve mastered the technique
    • Save money: blade replacements can cost as little as 15c each
    • Reduce your impact on the environment: the blade itself is all that gets replaced, no plastic waste

    Product Dimensions: 3 x 2 x 3 inches; 1.44 Ounces

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    U.S.A & CANADA
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    + allow further travel time from metro areas to regional areas.

    ** Business days. Most items arrive within this time.

    Shipping is from Australia.

    For Australian orders visit our sister store www.styleandswagger.com.au

    We no longer ship worldwide. 


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    If you have a change of mind within 30 days after you received your order you can return the product to us for a full refund.

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